Small Group Pilates

Why you need to try small group Pilates?

Pilates has been around since the 1920s when Joseph and his wife Clara Pilates opened their “body conditioning” gym in New York. When something, especially in the fitness industry, has been around for 100 years, you know it must be good! A more recent fitness trend is the increasing popularity of small group training. Like…

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BMR fat loss

Stuck on a fat loss plateau?

You may be surprised that one of the most common reason for a fat loss plateau is undereating. Yes, starving your body may be causing your metabolism to slow and your body to actually hold on to fat stores.

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What is an exercise physiologist, and do I need one?

Your health and fitness are the most important thing in your life. So it makes sense to have as many specialists as you can working with you to make sure you reach your goals. From personal trainers, fitness instructors, physios, nutritionists to your families and friends, they all play an important role in guiding and…

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When do we need to use a Personal Trainer?

When to use a Coach (Personal Trainer)

How do we know when it’s the right time to get a coach? We are constantly bombarded with exercise guides and fitness tips. All you really need to do is jump onto the Internet or social media. There is absolutely no end to the information. But are they the right training programs for you? Are…

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Feel like your health & fitness routine is broken?

A healthy lifestyle is never effortless and for many of us post COVID, it feels particularly hard right now. Our routine is broken. It’s nearly always the small inconsequential habits, your anchor habits, that have changed and have now completely thrown out your routine. The pandemic just broke your system and your broken system is…

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How to keep exercising with an Injury?

Eventually it happens to all of us – no matter how fit or strong, it is inevitable that one day we are going to encounter an injury not always when exercising but just in every day life. This could range from a very minor niggle which we can shake off in a day or two…

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Pilates Reformer

Why Pilates Reformer?

Pretty much everyone has heard of Pilates. A growing percentage of people do Pilates on a regular basis. Reformer Pilates is rapidly increasing in popularity which explains the demand for Reformer classes. I am sure you will notice lots new Pilates studios opening in every suburb in Sydney. Whether you are a dedicated Pilates follower…

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