When to use a Coach (Personal Trainer)

How do we know when it’s the right time to get a coach? We are constantly bombarded with exercise guides and fitness tips. All you really need to do is jump onto the Internet or social media. There is absolutely no end to the information. But are they the right training programs for you? Are they the right type of training for your goals and your body? More importantly, who is checking, correcting and teaching you the right technique?

There are times when using a coach is not a “nice to have” but more a “must have”. A good coach really can make all the difference between training safely and hurting yourself or reaching your fitness goals and falling short of where you want to be.

There is nothing more motivating than knowing someone is continuously assessing your progress.

So keep reading, let’s find out when you should invest in a professional and experienced coach.

Starting out

Knowledge is power and when it comes to your fitness goals! Having a proper understanding of what is required for you to reach those goals is incredibly empowering. Getting off on the right foot is crucial. A good coach will help you do that.

They will start with a full body assessment. An assessment of your movement patterns and your range of movement. A chat about your goals and needs. You are now on the first building block of your new journey…….“If you are not assessing, you’re guessing.”

We would almost be as bold to say that everyone should use a personal trainer at least once or twice when first joining the gym, especially if you are new to training or haven’t exercised in years.

I am sure this isn’t the first time that someone has told how important it is to exercise with “good form” and “good technique”. Without this, you could be adding load to faulty movement patterns, building poor motor pathways and essentially teaching your body to move in a way which it is not designed.

Moving better is not only going to protect you from injury, but also increase your performance and enhance your results.

A good coach will demonstrate how to lift weights safely and ensure you have this “good technique”.

You absolutely don’t want to hurt yourself before your fitness journey even gets started or train in a way that is conducive with your body or your goals.


The dreaded “plateau” you are at that point that you are not seeing any changes from our training.

Often this is because we fall into the habit of doing the same routine, week in, week out. Our body gets used to the same exercises and intensity. We don’t see the same level of improvement or progression compared to when we started.

An experienced coach will put together creative and challenging workouts. They may even introduce us to exercises and equipment we have never used before. This can shock our bodies into action and soon we will start to see those changes we have been after.

They will look at the big picture, not just your exercise but your nutrition, habits and goals.

Motivation and accountability

Some of us are not those people that bounce out of bed and can’t wait to get to the gym of a morning. We need a little tap on the shoulder and a bit of accountability. A little “big brother” looking over us.

Your own coach may be just the thing you need to not just get started but continue your training throughout the year. You’re probably going to be pushed that little bit harder than what you push yourself. A little more than what you are used to. We can all do with a little push and encouragement.

A good coach keeps us accountable. They will ensure we stay positive and on track. They are going to be a positive reinforcement for you. A good coach may give us just the motivation we need to eat healthy, stick to a regular training schedule, show us how to have good life balance and most importantly help us reach our long and short term goals.

Get yourself paid up front for some sessions or better still on a plan such as fortnightly commitments. Your sessions are pre booked and locked in. You will be surprised how much difference this makes to you commiting and sticking with it. If you miss a session, you don’t see that money again – a very costly lesson or try to postpone and your coach reschedules….. you’re not getting out of that !


It’s all too common for people to be carrying some sort of injury – anything from a slight niggle to something more serious such as knee, shoulder or lower back issues. Injuries can be frustrating for us when we want to keep training, we can become very hesitant and worried we may do more damage.

This is the perfect time to invest in a your own coach. You can pretty much train through or around most injuries in some way. These guys specialise in training people with injuries, prehab and rehab is their thing. Their knowledge and skills can be invaluable in helping you train safely, give you confidence and get you back or keep you on track. For many training is more than just about our bodies, it is about our minds and our mental health! Being able to keep training is not optional it’s necessary. Your trainer and make this happen by providing a customised plan just for you.

Obviously pregnancy isn’t an injury … but pre and post natal training can be a great way to keep up your training and ensure your sessions remain safe for both you and your baby not only during pregnancy but after as well.

Special events and occasions

All of us at some point has had that event that we want to get ready for.

We just want to feel amazing, look amazing, be a superstar!

You could be running your first marathon or sporting event, your wedding ( well any wedding ), a milestone birthday approaching maybe it’s that european summer holiday you are planning. There are endless reasons for you want to feel great.

Whatever your event and goal is a personal coach could be the difference between first and last place!

Personal coaches act as unofficial therapists and can provide us a great source of connection. Sure, they’ll help us reach our fitness goals but they also care about our well-being and can assist in improving not only our physical, but our mental health.

Remember your body and health is the most important thing in your life – sometimes it pays to put it in the hands of a professional to help you develop good habits for a lifetime and reach those goals.

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Simone Alice