Feel like your health & fitness routine is broken?

A healthy lifestyle is never effortless and for many of us post COVID, it feels particularly hard right now. Our routine is broken. It’s nearly always the small inconsequential habits, your anchor habits, that have changed and have now completely thrown out your routine.

The pandemic just broke your system and your broken system is making it harder to:

  • regularly exercise
  • eat appropriate amounts of nutritious foods
  • engage in other healthy behaviors

We all have lots of systems already and we all use our systems to organize just about every part of our lives – usually without even knowing it. Our systems help us prioritize what we do and when we do it, they help us complete actions efficiently and effectively.

Let me explain ……

Your now broken health & fitness system involved a series of steps & anchor habits.

  • Each night, you set your alarm to make your class or training before work
  • Before bed you get your gym clothes out and ready
  • You get your work clothes out and ready
  • You head off to train then home to get ready for work
  • Then you are off to work

That system worked. It got you from home to the gym and to work, there were no “Nah, I don’t need to work out today” moments. Your system worked! You had your anchor habits.


  • You started working from home and no longer had to get up early to get to work.
  • The gym closed.
  • You stopped getting your gym gear ready the night before.
  • No more setting the alarm to get up early.

You actually now had more time to exercise…..but you didn’t, you are binge-watching Housewives and ordering uber eats and feeling as frustrated as f@#k !

Sound painfully familiar ? Here’s the thing …..You’re not the problem. Your system is— it’s no longer working. It’s those tiny little habits and actions that set your intention and helped you achieve your goals.

How do you build a new “system” & get back on track!

Start with new anchor habits !!

Build your new health and fitness system. Start by asking yourself some critical questions.

  • What’s important to you right now?
  • What are your priorities?
  • Do your current actions line up with those priorities?
  • How did your old system work for you?
  • What were you doing consistently to stay healthy?
  • Is this the same system you need now?

Certain steps may seem trivial, but don’t discount them !

What is the first new anchor habit you are going to set yourself this week ?

Think of your new system as an experiment

The only way to know for sure whether your new system will work is to try it.

Give it seven days and see what happens. After seven days, reassess.

Ask yourself: “How’s that working for you?”

It probably won’t be easy but it can be easier together. Get yourself a support team. Get some help!

Join in our next Ultimate 8 week challenge….. https://innerfitoffer.com/book-a-call-page-4644 .Set new anchor habits, make changes, get results and let us help you fix that broken system.

If that’s not for you try getting yourself a your personal coach https://innerfit.com.au/nutrition-coaching/

Don’t be scared to make a change !

Get some help and get started today!

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