Upbeat music, motivating instructors, lots of positive energy and lots of calories burnt. You will leave you feeling fit and fabulous but most importantly it’s low impact - this class is for any fitness level.

Push Pull and Pump

Push, Pull N Pump

A programmed strength based class designed for everyone. Get lean, build strength and tone muscles. Trainers will guide you using a variety of equipment and techniques focusing on big compound movements.

Hit it Hard

Hit it Hard

A high intensity interval training class combining basic strength moves and tough cardio blasts, interwoven with painfully brief periods of rest (…well sometimes there’s rest!) Be prepared to push your fitness capacity to its limits.

Butts and guts

Butts & Guts

Tone and shape your backside while strengthening and sculpting your abs… need we say more?



A strength and conditioning based class. This full body workout will get your heart racing using resistance exercises targeting strength, power, agility, and cardiovascular efficiency, but most of all put your metabolism into overdrive and rapidly fat burn.



An all over body work out designed to push your cardio limits. Using the bag this 25 min high intensity workout will help improve endurance and stamina, relieve stress and make you sweat.



Using variety of boxing techniques and drills. A combination of bags and pads though out this classes. Ensuring the development of fitness, coordination, strength and most of all confidence.


Reformer Pilates

An entire dynamic body workout for all levels using the Pilates Reformer machine. Moving through a larger range of motion, building, strengthening, lengthening  and toning muscles while improving posture and flexibility.

TRX Core


Suspension resistance training using your body weight. Develop strength, core stability, balance and flexibility all at the same time. It just looks easy.



A challenging and fun class combining ballet-inspired moves with some pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. Designed to improve your posture, flexibility, balance and stability. Suitable for all levels.



It always looks easy right ? The focus is on using your stabilizer muscles ( the ones you don’t use everyday ) and strengthening your core, the challenge is switching them on. A total body workout concentrating on posture, balance, flexibility and mind-body connection.

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow

You will practice linking movement with breath. Flowing from one pose to the next with dynamic active movement. You will work up a sweat. The practice of Vinyasa will benefit your mind, body and spirit

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

Lets slow it down, holding poses or asanas for 45 seconds to a few minutes. A more meditative style of practice helping you heal your heart and mind. Increasing flexibility and range of motion stretching your connective tissue.


Aerial Yoga

Mixing Aerial Arts & Yoga. Release muscle tension, bring more blood & oxygen to the brain and lengthen your spine. Life’s good upside-down.