HIIT – Not a Song on the Top 40

HIIT is a way of working out that is very popular, and in vogue for the last few years -although the principals are nothing new. HIIT has a multitude of benefits. Whether you have been training for years, are getting back into regular exercise, or have not previously exercised, HIIT is perfect for you. So, what is this mysterious word (it’s an acronym) all about? Let’s find out…

What does HIIT stand for?

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training

This approach to training sees you working at your maximum capacity (High Intensity) for a burst of time (Interval), followed by a period of recovery – often less intense activity. Any HIIT workout you do will see your heartrate elevated for the majority of the workout. They can be tough, but the benefits certainly outweigh the short term *heavy breathing*.

Why is HIIT good great for you?

There are a multitude of benefits from our favourite four letter acronym. You get the perfect mix of burning calories, time efficiency, boosted metabolism and definition!

Calories – When you front up to complete a HIIT workout know that you are going to burn a lot of calories. The way in which HIIT workouts are structured allows you to clock into the triple digits pretty quickly.

Quick – HIIT workouts are great for those who don’t have all day to spend at the gym. You can get in and smash out a quick HIIT session in under 30 minutes if you need.

Metabolism – In addition to burning a whole lotta calories, you are going to continue to burn ‘em long after you have left the gym or park. Your metabolism will be elevated for up to 48 hours after. The fancy term for this is effect is excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). Now that’s better than a free set of steak knives!

Muscle – The added bonus (yes, there is more than one), is that when you incorporate resistance work (weights training) into a HIIT session you not only burn heaps of calories, you are going to build lean muscle. For some the term ‘toning up’ may be a more familiar. This means you will start to see more definition in your muscles.

Together these four superheroes are going to have you noticing some pretty cool changes in your body. In no time, you will be strutting down the street with some serious swagger.

Who should do HIIT training?

HINT – Everyone

You may have already guessed, but HIIT is great for everybody! Whether you are looking to shed a few kilos, tone up and get those biceps popping, or just want to mix up your current routine with some variety, HIIT is going to be your new best friend.

How do I start introducing HIIT into my workouts?

HIIT can be adapted to the way you prefer to train. You can do it solo on the gym floor or outdoors, or if you prefer to train with others a group session is great.

For the social butterfly who likes to train with others, InnerFit has numerous group classes indoors and outside in the park that incorporate HIIT. Classes that incorporate HIIT include:

If flying solo is more your style, you can kick-start your HIIT love affair or pocket some new moves with one of our experienced (and super friendly) personal trainers.

If you are experienced and keen to get straight into it, then try this HIIT workout yourself. You will only need 30mins. Be sure to gram (@innerfit) a sweaty pic. #InnerFit

Warm up for 5 minutes before starting.


Hand Release Push Ups – 40 secs

Rest – 20 secs

Squat Ball Slam – 40 secs

Rest – 20 secs

Burpees – 40 secs

Rest – 20 secs

TRX Row – 40 secs

Rest – 20 secs

Squat Hold – 40 secs

Rest – 20 secs

High Knees – 40 secs

Rest – 20 secs

Plank Shoulder Taps

Rest – 20 secs

Repeat 4 rounds

Stretch for 10 minutes

Total workout time : 43 minutes

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