Meal Prepping – The key to success

What is meal prepping? Basically, it’s about preparing bulk meals ahead of time, it’s about being organised and it is the key to success if you are really aiming to hit your fitness and nutrition goals.

Don’t know where to start?

The thought of meal prepping can be very overwhelming on your first attempt.  I know I was so unsure when I first started but after a few times I was a pro. Having your meals prepped and organised saves time, saves money, will help you avoid those Uber Eats call outs and will keep you on track.

 8 Easy Steps for planning and prepping

  • Keep it simple

Forget about trying to make it fancy, get in and do it! It doesn’t have to be perfect. Remember “less is more”.

  • Book it in your calendar

Block out time. No excuses, put your meal prep time into your calendar just like you schedule your workouts. We spoke about this in our last blog, it’s about blocking out time and closing the gap.

  • Clean out your fridge

Don’t waste time and money buying food you don’t need. If you’re on budget check out the specials

  • Choose your recipes and make a plan

Save recipes you may have seen on social media these will be great for some inspiration. If you’re not going to bulk prep your meals, plan the meals that you are going to cook. After a long day at work this will make your life easier and reduce your stress.

  • Create your shopping list
  • Let’s go shopping!!

Little tip- NEVER go shopping hungry you will buy unnecessary food, maybe order online – less temptations.

  • Its  meal prepping day – Put that podcast or music on, it’s time to get cooking

Now it’s about time management and multi-tasking. Prep your food. If you have multiple things that need to go in the oven, which one should go in first? Are they using the same temperature?

  • Store and pack

Have your complete meals ready to eat and stored in containers, just like that you’re ready for your week ahead, no shopping to do, no dinners or lunches to think about …’re ready to go !

Helpful hints!

  • Bulk is the key, cook enough of everything to last a few days.
  • Bake or pan cook your protein, Chicken or Turkey breasts or mince are great ideas
  • Boil some eggs or make an easy frittata
  • Chop your veggies or salad and have them ready to cook
  • Roast your vegetables with some herbs and spices
  • Make some dressing, have it ready in a jar
  • Cook your grains, rice or quinoa or buy packet pre cooked
  • Your slow cooker will be your new best friend, stews, soups, whole chickens, curry, pulled pork, chicken or beef, super easy and all you need to do is throw it together and walk away.
  • Cook a pot of black beans or legumes.
  • Portion out your snacks including nut mixes, overnight oats, hummus & veggies.

Being organised, cooking in bulk, planning your meals and preparing ahead of time is vital in achieving your health and fitness goals. Have a few staple nutrient dense foods that you can batch cook in a variety of ways. You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen. Start your week with good intentions, the rest is easy.

Recipe ideas that are simple and easy–


Egg Muffins

Overnight Oats


Teriyak Chicken

Turkey Taco Bowl



Chicken Meatballs


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