How I feel about supplements…..

I often get asked what supplements should I be taking from all types of people.  Those training for a marathon, trying to lose weight, build muscle or just training to be fit and healthy.

What ever happened to just good hard core training, good nutrition and enough sleep(recovery)?

So I guess you can see how I feel about supplements, but in saying that some supplements can be beneficial overall and will do more good than harm.

One thing I do feel very strongly about  is gut health. I believe everything starts in the gut.  Everyone should be on a probiotic to help maintain good gut health. Make sure that you are on the right probiotic for you. Make sure its practitioner brand and not store bought for all supplements.

Everyone requires different supplements depending on the deficiency in the individuals body. Before taking any supplements get a blood test to see what it is that you’re lacking and need more of. This is money well spent and will save money on unnecessary supplements.

We should also ask ourselves these FIVE questions before taking any supplements –

  1. Why am I considering this?
  2. Is there any good science behind the purpose of why I intend to take it?
  3. Is the benefit of supplement worth the expense?
  4. Am I prepared to take the supplement for the rest of my life or until the issue is sorted?
  5. Can I eat certain foods that provide these nutrients?
I take the following BioCeuticals products:
  • Methyl-Max- I have the gene that can’t metabolise folate well
  • SB Floractiv (Probiotic – I am all about gut health
  • Prodophilus (Gut Health)
  • Ultraclean EPA/DHA Plus-  This helps after having 2 ACL knee reconstructions and showing early signs of arthritis in both knees.
  • Theracurmin Triple-  A natural anti-inflammatory
  • Magnesium Powder- Muscle recovery  (especially on days when I have 3 spin classes)

So get your bloods done, see the right person and get the right supplements, but ask yourself the above questions and do your homework. If unsure where to get started contact us.



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Scott Henry

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