Your Gym Sucks….. 10 Reasons Why!

  • Location location location

Just like when you are buying a new house, the location is THE most important thing to consider when choosing a gym.

It is tough to find the time and motivation to do a session already but when you have the added challenge of driving a mile to get there, limited public transport options or you have to park in next suburb, then it is all too easy to give it a miss!

So if it takes you more than say 15 minutes to get to the gym, you are probably using it as an excuse for why you don’t make it there as often as you’d like.

Tip: Find a gym that that is close to where you live/work

  •  Could you catch a fungal infection in the bathroom?

Whenever you are visiting a new gym, don’t forget to inspect the bathrooms -the last thing you want is to pick up something nasty while you are there (leave that for online dating!).

So check out the sink and floor (make sure they are clean and without a heap of hair around like it is molting season), look at the toilets (make sure they are spotless), and inspect the showers (there shouldn’t be any signs of mold or slime present).

Find a gym that has a bathroom so clean you could almost eat off the floor!

  • Is your gym more like an antique store?

Nothing stays the same forever – there have been a lot of changes in the fitness industry with new programs, equipment and technology and there will be more changes in the future.

One of the biggest trends in fitness is wearable technology so it is important that gyms keep up with these trends and how they can take advantage of new developments so to make it a better experience for their members and clients.

So look around your gym – if the equipment looks like it belongs from the previous century, if the barbells and weights are old, rusty and tired, and the gym looks like it belongs in a museum, maybe it is time to upgrade.

Look for a gym that has modern equipment and uses technology which is going to help you in or outside the gym

  • Bad attitude

This is a pet hate of mine – personal trainers, instructors or those that work behind the desk, who have the attitude they are so much superior or better than you.

It can be intimidating enough going to the gym let alone having staff who humiliate, disrespect or embarrass you or seem more interested in themselves than you. So if you are dealing with staff who are unfriendly, unhelpful and don’t realise that YOU are paying their wage, time to find a place where you will be more appreciated!

Look for a gym where staff are friendly, professional, sincere and actually care about what you want to achieve.

  • That’s out of order

With hundreds of people using gym equipment and machines day in, day out, now and then things will break down.

But if it has been months and months and the running machine is still out of action, lockers are not repaired or the cable machine is still broken, well maybe it is time to find a gym which can afford to maintain the equipment in a timely fashion. If something does go wrong, a gym should address any issues in a prompt manner.

Look for a gym where they regularly maintain and service their equipment and machines.

  • It’s not me, it’s you…

People often don’t like to complain but gym memberships aren’t cheap, so if something is not to your standards, then you need to speak up and tell whoever is in charge what is wrong.

A gym manager should encourage feedback even if it is negative – this could make the difference between a member staying or leaving.

However if they don’t respond or resolve your complaint, they don’t take your complaint seriously or worse still make it out that it is your fault, then it is time to look elsewhere. If you feel you are just being taken for granted, find a gym where you will be appreciated.

Look for a gym which actually listens to any feedback you have.

  • Is there a smell in here that is going to outlive religion?

OK people go to a gym to work hard and when you work hard, you are going to sweat and perspiration is not the sweetest smelling aroma going around.

However if there are parts of the gym where the stench is unbearable and more dangerous than anthrax and you have to hold your breath to survive, well this says something about how well the place is cleaned. If they can’t even be bothered to regularly clean the place, well you have to wonder what other things they are not doing.

Look for a gym where hygiene is a top priority.

  • Who are these people?

Let’s face it, when you join a gym there are going to be some interesting and sometimes annoying characters. You are not going to like everyone.

There are the beefcakes, those who walk around stark naked all the time in the bathroom, the people who spend more time flexing their muscles and taking selfies than working out, hoarders, the talker, the texter, drama queens, grunters, well you get the idea.

But ultimately you want to feel comfortable with those around you whether it be in a class or in the weights rooms. No one is saying you have to be best buddies, but it is going to make the time you spend at the gym a lot more enjoyable.

Find a gym where you are comfortable training with other members

  • Waiting waiting waiting……

If you only have an hour for a workout then you don’t want to muck around. There is nothing more frustrating than spending more time waiting around to use equipment than actually training.

If you don’t have the flexibility to come to the gym during off-peak times or there always seems to be a queue to use the equipment and machines, then maybe is it time to throw in the towel.

Try the gym on the days/times you want to train to see how long it takes you to use the equipment

  • Not getting bang for your buck

At the end of the day, you join a gym to get results – whether it is to lose weight, build up some lean muscles, improve your fitness or just to feel and look better about yourself, you want be getting closer to your goals each week.

However if you are just going through the motions, you have lost your inspiration and have no love for your gym, then it is time to move on and find another place where you find your passion for training again.

Find a gym where you will be inspired to push your boundaries and reach your goals…. Contact Us  to set your trial up. 

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