8 simple ways to stick to your fitness goals!

As we near the end of winter, it can be a struggle to stay motivated. The allure of warmer weather on the horizon is very tantalizing, yet it can still be hard for us to stay on track and get out of bed when the mornings are still chilly and the days quite short mean that we are inclined to head home in the evenings instead of working out. The team at InnerFit have put together a list of tips for you to stay on track and ensure you are ready for spring – so you can enjoy the warmer weather as soon as it hits.

Head Indoors

Exercising indoors doesn’t necessarily mean you need to fly solo on the gym floor. If training alone makes you a little anxious with all of that equipment at your disposal, a group class may be just what you are after. You will be inside out of the elements, you will have a great group of new fitness friends to work out with, and you will have someone there to motivate and challenge you, plus, ensuring your technique is on point.

Have a plan

And stick to it! For most of us, unless we are working towards a goal, it can be tricky to stay motivated and dedicated to regular exercise. Your goal doesn’t necessarily need to be one that sees you competing in a full marathon or strong man competition (although, these are both excellent goals to work toward if that is your jam), is just needs to be important to you. If your goals mean something to you, they will keep you honest and true.

Prepare for success

Having a plan is one thing, but being prepared is what will see you succeed. Plan out your week in advance. Know which days you are going to exercise, and where you need to be at what time. Ensure you have the right clothes packed, or laid out the night before. Place planned workouts in your calendar or diary so they are documented and visual.

Make it snappy

Everyone is time poor, it is just a fact of life in today’s modern world. Combined with shorter days in the colder months, it can be challenging to stay motivated at time. Being efficient with your time will allow you to squeeze in a workout, even if it is only quick. Remember, doing something is better than nothing. If you are after a quick and intense workout, try InnerFit’s HIIT classes.

Be flexible

Life happens and unexpected things pop up – work, children, pets. Rather than letting it derail you, sometimes you will just need to go with the flow. Having a Plan B will come in handy for situations like this. Have in mind other sessions that you can attend, or allow for a day in your week where you can play catch up for a missed workout.

Hire a motivator

Sometimes we just need that little extra push. Hiring a Personal Trainer will not only keep you challenged and achieving new personal bests, it will make you think twice about not going turning up when you just can’t be bothered. Having a pre-existing commitment with a PT will keep even the most unreliable of us punctual.

Buddy up

Working out with a friend is a great way to stay motivated and diligent. The thought of letting one another down helps to keep you both consistent. Plus, you get to see your friends more often. J Winning!

Reward yourself

All work and no fun gets pretty boring, real quick! Find a balance, reward yourself every now and then for the good work you have been putting in at the gym or outdoors. I can be as simple as purchasing some new workout attire, or giving yourself a sleep.

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