10 Ways to Stay Motivated!


Lacking some motivation? Here are 10 simple tips to help you stay on track.

Set Your Goal/s

It’s all about succeeding, by setting SMART goals,  you’ll be motivated to succeed. Try setting one important goal and other smaller goals that will help you achieve that important goal.

Schedule Your Workout

Schedule your workouts in your calendar make it part of your normal day. If it’s in your calendar it is more likely to make it happen.

Workout with a Friend

Not only does the friend make it more enjoyable you’re more likely to turn up because you don’t want to be “that friend that cancels”. Motivate each other.

Think Fun

Enjoy your workout Make it fun, energetic and leaves a smile on your face. If you love what you’re doing you will achieve amazing results.

Spice it Up

Variety is the spice of life and leaves you wanting more!!   Challenge your mind and body and keep your body wondering what you are going to throw at it next, you will see the results and be motivated to keep going.  See your personal trainer to change your program every 8 -12 weeks, or a timeframe to perk your interest.

Recruit Your Support Team

Let family and friends know how important this is to you, it will help them to support you and keep you on track.  You may even be the encouragement someone else needs to start their own journey.  Share your ideas and listen openly to their feedback. An online support network might be right for you or a gym running a challenge to have the support of like-minded people.

 Track progress

Monitor and track your progress, there are some great apps available for this depending on your workout and goals. If you want to build strength make sure your tracking your weights, watch those numbers increase and see your improvement.  If you’re goal is to lose body fat get a Dexa Scan, take photos and measurements to monitor your progress. Numbers don’t lie but remember it’s not always what the scales say either,

Get a Personal Trainer (PT)

We all need some motivation at some stage, book that appointment, get yourself of the lounge and book in with a PT.  A PT will push you to your limits, keep you challenged, make it interesting and you never know you might learn some new tricks to keep you on track.

Join a Group Session

Group sessions can be fun. Other like-minded people encourage you get through those tough sessions or things you hate, like “BURPEES” You will be motivated by a trainer that knows when to push you to your limits to ensure you’re getting maximum benefit from every session.

Reward Yourself

You’ve worked hard now it’s time to reward yourself. Set your goal and your reward. You deserve that massage or those new shoes.


See you for a workout soon.

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