Personal Training is the best way to reach your goals!

InnerFit personal trainers are dedicated and have plenty of experience. They will design a program and sessions specific to your needs and goals. Just like our Group Training, we guarantee that every session will be different from the last. You trainer will coach, motivate and challenge you along YOUR journey.

If you are looking for a one-on-one training option and want a more personalised approach, contact us to discuss an option that suits YOU.

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I have a functional approach to my sessions

My Training Style

I have a functional approach to my sessions, focusing on compound movements targeting various muscle groups simultaneously and most of all getting bang for your buck. This all depends on client’s goals and what they want out of training.

My Fitness Philosophy

It is not about lifting the heaviest weights, leave your ego at the door. Its about performing your moves correctly, with good technique and focus on using the right muscle groups. Most of all its about overall fitness and well-being. I have a holistic approach with all my clients. I want them all to be able to operate functionally in everyday life and be happy inside and out.

Personal Training Petersham

'Consistency is the key to success"

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