Laying Off The Calories This Festive Season

The end of the year is fast approaching, and with it comes the ‘silly season’. Filled with festivities at work, friends and family (happily or begrudgingly), December is a fun time where we celebrate, catch up and look forward to the new year. But with it comes a lot of temptation and opportunity to indulge – eating and drinking more than we normally might. Whilst we may enjoy our indulgences at the time, they can set us back with our goals and derail our progress. In between workouts the team at InnerFit listed their tops tips to minimise overindulging and ensuring you stay on track during this great time of the year.

Portion Control
One of the tastiest things about festive season events is the abundance of food on supply. The trap is that you often end up eating way more than you normally would – simply because it is on offer and accessible. Whether you are at a work function with canapes, or sitting down to a meal with family and friends, remember to be mindful of how much you are putting into your mouth. Take a second and ask yourself, do I really need that extra mini quiche or second helping of Aunt Debbie’s creamy potato salad.

Be Aware of Hidden Calories
Festive season food is delicious! All those special treats, decadent desserts and rich savouries. Are you salivating yet? Cause, we certainly are! But, all of this deliciousness means extra calories… hidden calories. All the trimmings are high in calories due to the excess amount of sugar, carbohydrates and fat. So, before you get stuck into the mince pies, consider how many calories they contain. We aren’t saying don’t eat, but be conscious to not indulge in everything that is on offer. Choose your fav, and really appreciate it.

Eat Beforehand
If you are working towards a goal, then eating before a social engagement is a great way to kill hunger. This will ensure you stick to what you should be eating, and prevent over eating if you do decide to eat at the event.

Exercise Prior
A great way to alleviate eating excess calories is to exercise beforehand. Burning extra calories allows you to eat some of those treaties and not feel guilty afterwards. You can still partake in the festivities, without blowing out your eating plan and derailing your goals. This one is particularly great if your willpower isn’t so great and know you will likely end up sampling the spread on offer.

Plan Accordingly
Chances are you know about a social engagement with ample time before the day. If you have an event on at the same time that you normally exercise, adjust your schedule so that you don’t miss out on that session. That way you can tick both commitments off. You have plenty of time to plan ahead, so excuses aren’t going to cut it.

Go Easy on The Booze
Being aware of what you eat is one thing, but the other secret assassin to look out for is alcohol. There are a lot more calories in drinks than you might think. Try alternating with water so you don’t blow out the calorie bank, and reduce the severity of that hangover the next day. Plus, if you have a lot of events, it won’t hurt to do one or two booze free. You will be grateful the next day, trust us. J

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